Sir Alex Ferguson

Manager, Manchester United FC, Talking in 2003

There is one Asian professional footballer in England. That’s scandal. Why ? Because they feel excluded. Ask clubs such as Walsall or Bury, where the best teenage footballers are in their areas. They’ll say it’s the Asian kids who play on the street, and develop close control. Get them in, make them feel welcome.

Majid Lavji

Founder & Director, AsiaEurope Football

AsiaEurope Football Festival is a showcase for football bodies to join together and support Ethnic minorities in the UK to break down the stereotypical barriers.

Roger Draper

Chief Executive, Sport England, Talking in 2003

Sport England supports the AsiaEurope Football Festival which is an impressive initiative to get more people from Asian and Ethnic communities involved in sport. There must be a wealth of talent among young Asian players which has yet to reach its full potential. This tournament can make that happen.

Tony Blair

UK Prime Minister , Talking in 2003

I support the AsiaEurope Football festival in promoting Ethnic Football in the UK – I also want to pass on to everyone taking part my good wishes and for a successful festival.

Sol Campbell

Ex-professional footballer

Football is a game that must be open to all regardless of colour or ethnicity. I look forward to the time we have an Asian player playing in the Premier League and competing with the best.

Andy Cole

Ex-professional footballer

I know there are a lot of talented young Asian Footballers playing the game. I would say don’t be discouraged, keep pushing for recognition, the breakthrough will come.

Dept. Of Culture, Media & Sport

The government is keen to see sport being used as a tool for bringing together Ethnic communities in the UK. We give our support to AsiaEurope Football in highlighting Ethnic Football in the UK. The Department wishes you every success on the weekend of the football festival.

Fred Hunter

The Football Association

We fully support the Aims and objectives of what AsiaEurope Football are doing in promoting Asian / Ethnic football in the UK.