About AsiaEurope Group

The AsiaEurope Group

Established in 1996, The AsiaEurope Group is a private investment firm that originates structures and acts as lead equity investor or strategic minority equity investor.

The AsiaEurope Group also licences its domain and rights to partners who want to work in the Asian markets in Asia and Europe.

While open to opportunities wherever they can be found, AsiaEurope focuses on sectors in which it has demonstrated expertise: Technology, Telecommunications, New Media, Sport & Management.

AsiaEurope Group is now based in Asia with partner offices in UK and Africa.

This Website shows our investment in companies bearing the AsiaEurope name – each company has its own board and acts as an independent company in its area. All Websites and Logos are Licenced by the AsiaEurope Group to individual companies. AsiaEurope Group takes no responsibility for business that are under licence, but we will investigate any complaint and look for breach of licence.

AsiaEurope Group Companies and Licenced Brands

AsiaEurope Media Group is licenced to run the all AsiaEurope Media related products, from its base in India, AsiaEurope Media looks after and maintains all AsiaEurope Companies websites, including all clients to all AsiaEurope Companies. AsiaEurope Group has licenced the name, logo’s and domain rights to AsiaEurope Media Group.

AsiaEurope Media Group Limited also run and maintain under licence AsiaEurope.com – Europe’s largest Asian Web Portal. AsiaEurope TV is licenced to run the on-line TV channel.

AsiaEurope Management is licenced to run sports, media and entertainment management businesses.

AsiaEurope Management subsidiaries include:

  • AsiaEurope Football Management
  • AsiaEurope Music
  • AsiaEurope Boxing
  • AsiaEurope Models

AsiaEurope Sports Brands Limited is licenced to run a Sports Apparel business.

AsiaEurope Academy is licenced to run AsiaEurope Sports Academies, AsiaEurope Academy looks after eight academies and football programmes around the world.

AsiaEurope FC is licenced to run a football consultancy,  AsiaEurope Football Consultancy under licence runs the AsiaEurope / OneCulture Football Festivals in the UK and around Asia and Africa.

AsiaEurope Mobile is licenced to run AsiaEurope branded cellular phones and airtime and currently has many agreements in place – More details soon – AsiaEurope Mobile launches in 2017.

To Partner AsiaEurope Group or to get in touch with the relevant AsiaEurope Company please use the Contact Us Page…